Indy Nile

Indy Nile Racing

Q. How long have you been sim racing & what games? Racing continuous from 1998 on PC with Nascar 2, F1 Challenge 99-02(the Prototype-C mod had the 962), rFactor, RF2, Asetta Corsa, iRacing
Q. What forms of Motorsport do you follow? For several years it has only been Indycar and Blancpain GT and other sports-cars like IMSA. But I appreciate and love many forms.
Q. Have you or do you race in real life? No. Rather got two of my sons into Sprint Karting, 2001-05. (Video below) However in 2012 I drove a "rev chipped" 500hp Late Model wow loved it! @ Lucas Oil Raceway (IRP).
Q. Motion rig? Type of seat with cockpit description? No, stationary rig, the wheel stand and pedals stand connect via wood "V" homemade design, NRG Ralley seat , 1 ButtKicker bass transducer mounted powered by the BKA-130-C amp.
Q. What wheel and pedals do you use? Multiple rims? The SimExperience Accuforce steering system (V2) with their stock rim and button box, Fanatec V3 pedals. Also run the "Sim Vibe" software
Q. Screens or VR? Yes the Oculus Rift VR
Q. PC specs? NEW! Yea! CybertronPC, i5 9600K, GTX 1660ti, Windows 10
Q. In-sim, do you run the fake virtual rear view mirror? No, real mirrors per car.