Indy Nile

Indy Nile Racing

Q. How long have you been sim racing? Since 1993 a game called Indianapolis 500, The simulation by Papyrus
Q. What forms of Motorsport do you follow? I’ve followed all platforms of Motorsports. Most prominent has been NASCAR
Q. Have you or do you race in real life? I was born in 1963 and was taken as a baby to all the dirt tracks around East Tennessee including north Georgia. There is a picture of me working on my pedal car “Smiley” at 3 years old, started go-kart racing in 1969 at age 6, started racing at our local dirt track Atomic Speedway in Knoxville, Tennessee in 1986 at age 23, I have worked on several friends race teams both asphalt and dirt.
Q. Motion or Stationary rig? And type of seat with cockpit description? stationary, office chair/Kirkey aluminum racing seat on a corner desk anchored to the wall in our “computer room” with a fabricated pedal stand, pedals have been freed from their plastic jail
Q. What wheel and pedals do you use? Multiple rims? Logitech G25 wheel and pedals with a 13” grant wheel modified to fit
Q. Screens or VR? As of Friday 2-14-2019, VR - before that was a single 34” Dell ultrawide curved monitor.
Q. PC specs? 2018 Cyberpower, i9-9900K cpu @ 3.60Ghz, 16 GB ram, MSI Z390-A Pro motherboard, Nvidia RTX2080 gpu
Q. In-sim, do you run the fake virtual rear view mirror? Yes