Indy Nile

Indy Nile Racing

Q. How long have you been sim racing? Started April 2017
Q. What forms of Motorsport do you follow? I watch Indycar, NASCAR and dirt racing when available.
Q. Have you or do you race in real life? Raced karts from age 4 onward and full sized cars from 1990-2018.
SCCA and oval track.
Q. Type of seat & cockpit? GTR stationary mounted to an black 80/20 cockpit by 4Play.
Q. What wheel and pedals do you use? Multiple rim sets? Accuforce and Heusinkveld. No multiple rim
Q. Screens or VR? VR, the (new 2019) Rift S.
Q. PC specs? Pro390z mobo, overclocked i5-8600k, GTX 1080
Q. In-sim, do you run the fake virtual rear view mirror? Yes. And have no shame about it!
"The guy who ran Indycar for awhile, Beaux Barfield and I were the 2 youngest guys in Spec Racer at 1991 runoff’s. We were racing 4 wheelers in the paddock and almost ran over the wife of the guy in charge of the runoffs (Toni Crieghton) who already didn’t like us. But it was dark and we hauled ass - She could never prove it was us."