Indy Nile

Indy Nile Racing

Q. How long have you been sim racing? iRacing since 2009 but have played virtually every racing game, electronic or mechanical, known to man since 1965
Q. What forms of Motorsport do you follow? IndyCar, F1, SCCA (GT and DP Classes)
Q. Have you or do you race in real life? Use to do some local short track
Q. Motion or Stationary rig? Type of seat with cockpit description? Stationary, office chair
Q. What wheel and pedals do you use? Multiple rims? Still use $99 Momo set believe it or not
Q. Screens or VR? One 17" screen
Q. PC specs? 2019 HP Omni
Q. In-sim, do you run the (fake) virtual rear view mirror? Virtual mirror